Dear colleagues and students

    Dear colleagues of Auezov South Kazakhstan state University heartily congratulate all the winners of “Best University teacher 2013”

     Became known the results of annual competition «the Best University teacher 2013», in connection with this, I hasten to 16 of the best teachers of our University, they are :

1. Dr. Anarbaev А.A., Professor of the chair «Nanotechnology»
2. Bekmoladyevа R.B. associate Professor of the Department «Theory and technique of teaching of math»,
3. Yerkebayeva  G.Sh., associate Professor of chair Technology of oil, gas and polymers,
4. Yermakhanov M.N., head the chair of Theory and methodology of teaching chemistry», candidate of technical Sciences, associate Professor
5. Zhantasov M.K., associate Professor of the Department of oil and Gas business, Ph.D.

6. Kamalova N.K., professor at the Department of Cultural and leisure activities
7. Kamalov U.N.- associate professor, head of the  Department of «Theory and methodology of professional education»
8. Kolesnikov A.S. - associate Professor of the Department of oil and Gas business, candidate of technical Sciences
9. Makhmudov G.I. - associate Professor , candidate of technical Sciences of the chair «Design and art decoration of products of light industry»,
10. Naukenova A.S.- Ph.D.,  head of  the Department of Safety and environment protection»

11. Omarov N.K. - candidate of philological Science, head  of the Department «Kazakh linguistics»

12. Seidakhmetov M.К. - Ph.D., associate Professor of the Department «Management»
13. Sikhynbayeva Zh.S. - senior lecturer of the Department of Geoecology and nature management»
14. Sikhymbayev S.M. - associate Professor,  head the Department of «Theory and methods of pre-school and elementary education»
15. Tleuova S.T. - associate Professor of the chair «Chemical technology of inorganic substances», candidate of technical Sciences
16. Turebekova G.Z. - Professor of the chair of Geoecology and nature management», candidate of technical Sciences, associate Professor

Dear colleagues, I thank you for your work and successfully performed work, it is really worthy of the highest attention, I am proud of your achievements. Of course, such outstanding teachers are the pride of all our University!

I wish you new achievements, success and prosperity!

Myrkhalykov Zhumakhan

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